Report a Claim

When you submit your claim information online, your account manager is notified and will contact you as soon as possible to collect details from you and get the claim process started for you.  We always verify the claim with the named insured on the policy – either on the phone or in person – before submitting the claim.

If this is during business hours, please call the office you usually do business with (see our list of locations) and one of our licensed account managers will take your claim information and get the claim process started for you. Contacting us directly will result in your claim being handled more quickly.

If this is after hours and you have any questions about what to do and/or your responsibilities in dealing with your claim (for example: you are injured, your house is not habitable, your possessions are not secure, the fire department just left, etc.), please call our 24/7 emergency toll free claims hotline at (800) 572-0939.

Otherwise, please complete the below information and your account manager will contact you!