Policy Change

If this is during business hours, please call the office you usually do business with (see our list of locations) and one of our licensed account managers will take your change request and talk you through the details of the change. Contacting us directly will result in your change being handled more quickly and your questions being answered. If this is after hours and/or you don’t need your change made for a few days, please answer the questions below to the best of your ability.

We will contact you to confirm the change. It will be important that we know how and when to contact you, so please answer those questions accurately.

NOTE: Your change can not be made until you speak to an Emil Rummel Insurance Agency representative either on the phone or in person. Policy changes can’t be made via our website.  Changes in coverage, new policies and policy cancellations always require contact with an Emil Rummel Insurance Agency representative. This is for your protection…and ours!